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With the new SBNation Youtube channel doing moderately well in its' infancy, more and more pressure has been placed on us member blogs to try and put out some video content. Sadly, most of the WRNL writing staff is not what you'd call "photogenic." Hell, most of us don't even have cameras.

So we came up with a plan. We pooled together all of our funds from the Dreamy shirts and the Riot T's and for $5,000 we hired the Cedar Rapper himself - Notti Boy. (And his director, 1st Beezy.) Mr. Boy's talents first caught our eye via the Hawkeyes Anthem video in which he played an overweight white guy who dropped phat rhymes in front of the burned out remnants of Cedar Rapids and had to dress in layers because, hey, it's really cold in Iowa. But it wasn't until his smash hit "Posted on the SouthEast Side" went viral that the world found out just how hard living in Cedar Rapids can truly be. The images of seemingly idyllic street signs contrasted with heavy, formulaic rap beats were ironic enough to catch our attention, but the lyrics about how the drug epidemic is ravaging small communities and images of being bored and sitting around a table somehow rang true to us as Iowans.

"Crack House around the corner

Drug Dealer 'cross the street

Weed man next door's got access to plenty keys"

If anyone can create the perfect rap video to show the darker and more badass side of Ames, Iowa... it is Notti Boy. And for $5000, he told us he'd shoot us a music video of our own. While we are only in pre-production at the moment, the video for WIDE RIGHT NOTTY LITE - "PINSTRIPE BOWL SHUFFLE" (it's a working title) is guaranteed to at least include the following sequences:

  • Footage of the 2004 VEISHEA riots played in slow motion, interspersed with audio of Larry Eustachy getting thrown out of the 2000 Midwest Regional Final. A flaming dumpster rolls down the street while an announcer wails "WHERE ARE THE ASSISTANT COACHES?"
  • Rapping in such locales as the Friley dungeons, the Campanile Bell Tower, the Power Plant, and that creepy area North of campus around the Applied Sciences Complex
  • The repeated use of the phrase "Cardinal and Gold" several times in a row by background singers.
  • At some point we will probably get drunk on Hennessy and Natty Lite and verbally abuse both Gene Chizik and Greg McDermott
  • Scotty Christopherson in a Fedora and Run DMC Glasses
  • After a sound bite is inappropriately edited and taken out of context to drive controversy and page views, we will get some very angry calls from Jesse Jackson.
  • Blatant namedropping of Seneca Wallace, A.J. Klein, and Tony Yelk

That's probably all I can contractually say, but don't be surprised if a certain "Godfather of WRNL" makes a cameo appearance in the third verse. Look for WIDE RIGHT NOTTY LITE's world premiere, coming to an SBNation youtube channel near you.