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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/10/12


SPRING GAME! A reminder to all that the spring game is at 2 PM this Saturday.

WE HARDLY KNEW YE. Kirk Haaland reviews the departures from the basketball team.

THE WEB OF LIES JUST KEEPS ON GOING. Bomani Jones looks at Petrino's police statement and the continued attempts at a coverup. Since Arkansas hasn't fired him yet, I'm guessing they won't.

BOBBY KNIGHT IS CRAZY. Not that his sanity (or lack thereof) is that surprising, but he says he would never draft an 18 or 19 year old.

EVEN MORE SHOCKING NEWS! Baylor is facing NCAA sanctions as they have been found to have made thousands of impermissible calls and text messages. This sounds relatively minor, but the NCAA's wording is that because of the frequency of the calls and texs, it is a "major violation".

URBAN MEYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR GLOBAL WARMING TOO. Or something like that. Matt Hayes' story on Urban's last few years at Florida paints a not so pretty picture.

CLASSY. Bruce Weber takes out a full page ad to thank Illinois fans.