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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/11/12

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AN END TO PETRINO-GATE. Bobby Petrino was fired during a press conference yesterday. Notes from the conference were actually quite interesting, as Arkansas AD Jeff Long turned it into a roast of Petrino on national TV.

SUCCESS = MONEY. Who knew? Iowa State royalties are up.

SPRING FOOTBALL. The spring game offers an opportunity for some lesser known players time to impress. Also, Paul Rhoads' press conference and more spring video.

TEXAS TECH HAS A CHESS TEAM? ST LOUIS IS THE HOTBED OF CHESS? There's so many questions and so much unintentional humor here.

WAR DAMN EAGLE. So this is what happens when Gene Chizik goes to Whataburger.

JEREMY LAMB DECLARES. Gone to the NBA, as long as he doesn't screw up paperwork like he does end of game dunks.

NEW DRAFT WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE EFFECTS. The NCAA changed some dates around for this season, and it's led to some changes for players.

CUE UP THE PAUL RHOADS RUMORS! Jeff Long was the AD at Pittsburgh while Rhoads was the defensive coordinator there.

But Rhoads does own a custom Harley, so there's that.