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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/16/12


SPRING GAME. Steele Jantz was his usual schizophrenic self, while Jared Barnett and Sam Richardson looked like underclassmen in the spring game.On the bright side, the defense did look strong.

NEALY TIME. With Shontrelle Johnson still questionable after his neck surgery, coaches are counting on DeVondrick Nealy to be explosive.

DIDN'T QUITE MAKE THIS LIST. After making several appearances on the list of best college football games, Iowa State is absent off this list for basketball

ORIAKHI TO MIZZOU. Iowa State has some lukewarm interest, but Alex Oriakhi is heading to Missouri to play his final season of college basketball.

MAYBE IT WAS THE JERSEYS. Mizzou has some new ones, and it pains me to admit they're kinda sweet.

THE WEIRDEST STORY EVER. One of Bernie Fine's accusers now admits he was lying the whole time.

MY FAVORITE CAMERAMAN. Double take for boobs? That'll do, sir..