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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/17/12

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HAWKEYE AND HUSKER HATE WITHIN. Rhoads and crew were quite entertaining at Cy's House Of Trivia.

SPRING GAME INTERVIEWS: Travis Hines has your sound clips from after the spring game.

GARY PLEADS. Albert Gary officially pled down his robbery charge yesterday morning. Football status aside, it's at least good to see he'll be attempting to finish out his college education.

EARLY BRACKETOLOGY. Joe Lunardi has Iowa State as a 9 seed in his first Bracketology of the 2012-2013 season.

RGSANDERS! The NCAA 2013 cover has been announced and it will be Barry Sanders joining Robert Griffin III. Maybe this will bring an end to the perplexing RG3 hate from Oklahoma State fans.

EVERYBODY HATING ON THE BIG TEN. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive joins the list of people hating on the Big 10's proposed semi-final + Rose Bowl playoff idea.