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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/2/12

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A SUPER DREAMY PRIMER FOR TONIGHT. Fred Hoiberg gives us a look at tonight's matchup between two teams that Iowa State has faced this season.

TILLER RISING. ex-QB Jerome Tiller is making some good impressions on the coaches at receiver.

SPRING FOOTBALL. First outdoor scrimmage video is up.

#BRUCE4KSU. Ignoring the oddly large amount of #Gottlieb4KSU supporters, Kansas State moved quickly to replace Frank Martin with fired Illinois coach Bruce Weber.

BEST GAMES OF 2012. Jason Kirk looks at the must watch games each week of 2012, and Iowa State makes two appearances.

BUT WHERE'S THE BURNING DUMPSTER? Kentucky students rioted after their #1 ranked team did the predictable thing and made the National Championship Game.

TACO THIEF. Florida guard Erving Walker was cited for stealing a taco from a street vendor Friday.

J'GONE. Texas has announced that J'Covan Brown will skip his senior season for the NBA draft.