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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/20/12


THE TRANSFER EPIDEMIC. Our friend Kirk Haaland (@khaal53) writes about the "epidemic" surrounding transfers and the assumptions made when a player leaves his school.

OLYMPIC TRIALS. Five Cyclones: The Paulson brothers, Jon Reader, David Zabriskie, and Jake Varner all vie for spots this weekend on the United States Freestyle Wrestling team that is going to the Olympics in London in August.

IRVING'S GIANT STEPS. Only literally, as defensive end David Irving stands 6'7" but has spent the spring taking "two steps forward, and one step back" according to Paul Rhoads.

RGIII's TERRIBLENESS. NFL scouts are now talking about how RGIII has character issues.

EMBARGO LIFTED. Almost immediately after our story was published, Wisconsin lifted the restrictions on Jarrod Uthoff.

OVI-OOPS. Alex Ovechkin spent part of last night's victory over the Boston Bruins falling into his own bench.