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Kelechi Osemele Instruction Manual


Congratulations (Baltimore Ravens) on your pick of an offensive lineman in the (second) round of the NFL draft! With many options available to you, we're glad you chose the Kelechi Osemele model. With proper assembly and care, you will get years of use out of the Kelechi Osemele unit.

Please follow these instructions before using Kelechi Osemele for the first time:

1) Take a look at your offensive line. Identify the left side of the line, consisting of one 1) tackle and one 2) guard. Osemele can be used in the 1) tackle spot, but will perform better in the 2) guard spot.

2) Note: The Osemele model can also be used on the right side of your offensive line if absolutely necessary, but this is not an optimal solution and should only be used in emergencies. Before using Osemele on the right side of a line, make sure to prepare the model correctly and ensure you have a backup.

3) Plug Osemele into the guard position by placing between your tackle and center. The Osemele unit comes pre-charged and ready to use from day one; tighten with practice and locker-room camaraderie.

4) When used as a guard, the Osemele model can be used to protect a quarterback (fig. 1) and also open running lanes up the middle for a running back (fig.2). By placing him on the inside of your line, you will be using the Osemele to its maximum potential.

5) If possible, pair Osemele with a mobile tackle (not included) on the left side of your offensive line. This will allow your running back to increase production when running to the left and will decrease sacks to your quarterback.

6) Note: You may find that Osemele will start early on occasion. In the event of a false start, you will need to move your offense back five (5) yards, reset the line and reboot.

7) Osemele is a powerful model, one of the largest on the market. Please take the necessary precautions when using to avoid overheating. You will also need to be aware of damage Osemele may cause to defensive ends and tackles and provide appropriate insurance.

8) Note: On some occasions, the Osemele unit may not release its grip on a defensive end or tackle. To reset, have referee blow whistle to signify the next down and Osemele will reset and position automatically.

9) Remember, Osemele is not a standalone model. For peak performance, ensure that Osemele is paired with one (1) additional guard, two (2) tackles and one (1) center of equivalent talent to the Osemele model. Osemele will only work as part of a larger group; using Osemele as the sole component of your offensive line will result in catastrophic system failure.

10) To pick up a first down, insert Osemele into the home position and have your quarterback activate play. Using Osemele with your offensive line will give your quarterback enough time to locate and throw to an open receiver, provided your quarterback is not Rex Grossman or comparable model.

11) To score a touchdown, best results can be achieved in short yardage situations by running a variation of the 1) halfback dive or 2) iso run. When run correctly, Osemele will open a hole wide enough that your running back can walk through.

So again, congratulations on your choice of the Osemele model for your offensive line needs. By following these simple instructions, you'll see an immediate upgrade to your offensive output and scoring potential. Good luck (Baltimore Ravens) and enjoy your new offensive guard!