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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/4/12

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40 WIN SEASON. The Lady Bears capped off the most wins in a season in college basketball history by defeating Notre Dame for the National Title.

ROYCE WHITE, SECRETLY RACIST: During a visit to Orchard Place in Des Moines to talk to kids about anxiety: "I’m overly neat, my hangers are perfectly spaced and they’re all black. If a white one finds its way in there I have a fit."

LENZONE THREAT. Josh Lenz will be the leader of the Cyclone receiving corps this fall.

F/+? MIGHT AS WELL BE F+. Iowa State is the 85th ranked team in the country, saved from the bottom of the Big 12 only by Kansas.

WHEN RIOTING GOES WRONG. Rioting is funny and all, but when a guy has to have his foot amputated, it's gone too far.

OREGON LEADING THE WAY. With tradition rich Nebraska even adopting new uniforms, George Schroeder looks at how Oregon has changed the game in college football.

URBAN AT IT AGAIN. After getting their lone commit for 2013 stolen away by Urban Meyer, The Smoking Musket was none too amused.

NEW NFL UNIS. Nike took over the contract from Reebok and most of the changes are very minor, except the Seahawks, doing their best Oregon impression, except it's ugly.