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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/5/12


CYCLONE BASKETBALL IN REVIEW. reviews both the men's and women's seasons.

BLANK PARK VISIT. The football team visited Blank Children's Hospital recently.

KHAAL STATS! Kirk Haaland checks out the Big 12 basketball's offensive and defensive ranks.

THE GRANDDADDY OF STUPID. There's a new proposal for a college football playoff system, and it has THREE semifinal games. I don't think you need to be Asian to see the math doesn't quite work out here.

WOULD KENTUCKY BEAT AN NBA TEAM? The new hot debate has the Prediction Machine running an analysis, and the answer is a resounding no.

LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE. Tracee Hamilton makes an impassioned case for everyone to stop making fun of Brittney Griner's gender.

MEAUX MO. There's finally an excuse for dudes to watch Ellen... WRNL favorite Mo Isom.

ALL SUSPENDED EVERYTHING. Howard University temporarily suspended all sports due to a textbook voucher issue.