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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/6/12


ANOTHER AWARD FOR ROYCE. The Basketball Times has named Royce White newcomer of the year.

BOBBY HAS GOOD TASTE. Bobby Petrino has been suspended by Arkansas. He was injured in a motorcycle accident Sunday, but was reported to be the only person involved. Details have emerged that a 25 year old athletic department employee (and ex-Arkansas volleyball player) was involved. Oh, she's also engaged (and hot).

UCONN DENIED. The Huskies will miss the 2013 NCAA postseason after their last appeal was denied. Syracuse blog Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician celebrates their rival's bad fortune, while also appealing for change in how APR is calculated.

LARRY UPDATE. Eustachy has confirmed he has spoken to Colorado State about their head coaching vacancy.

CUBAN WANTS 3. Never one to keep his mouth shut, Mark Cuban wants players to stay in college 3 years before being allowed into the NBA.

F/+ CONTINUED. Here's Iowa State's 2012 Statistical Profile.

HAMBONED. Justin Hamilton is taking his talents to the NBA... but mostly Europe/Israel/China.

GREGG WILLIAMS IS SCREWED. Audio has come out of him blatantly encouraging injuries against the 49ers in last season's playoff game.