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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/1/12


STEWART MANDEL IS A FORTUNE TELLER. It looks like the SI writer's playoff idea from 2009 is being used as the framework for the new playoff system.

CUDDLY HORSES! This is Florida State's new kids club mascot. Cimarron's Twitter profile pic is almost worse.

SKIP BAYLESS, DOING SKIP BAYLESS THINGS. Sometimes, you wonder if he even believes what's coming out of his mouth.

MUCH ADO ABOUT BEVELS. Some Aggies are freaking out about the beveling in the Texas A&M logo.

HOME IS SORT OF WHERE THE HEART IS. James Johnson comes back to coach Virginia Tech after leaving a month ago for Clemson.

TWITTERPOWER. Cool story from Rick Reilly on Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie's playing catch with a fan.

YOUTUBE! A friendly reminder to subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube Channel. Plenty of awesome stuff there.