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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/10/12

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STOP FREAKING OUT. Paul Rhoads talks about his future at Iowa State, and apparently this caused many Cyclone fans to panic. He's just being a realist, so get a grip, people.

IF YOU WANT TO ASK CPR HIMSELF, the Cyclone tailgate tour starts Monday!

BALLIN IN THE CLASSROOM. The basketball team averaged over a 3.0 GPA for the 2nd time in program history.

DELANY BE TROLLIN. Jim Delany doesn't like Alabama.

PAC 12 WANTS 8. Coaches from the Pac 12 want an 8 team playoff format.

BLACKLIGHT TESTING NEEDED. Bobby Petrino's bike is for sale.

SEC WINS ANOTHER ROUND. This time in conference attendance.

BLOGPOLL! Yeah, I totally forgot to vote, but here's the offseason Blogpoll, headed up by LSU.