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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/11/12

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FSU/CLEMSON MANIA HAS HIT. Realignment extraordinaire Chip Brown weighs in with why the two schools should join, while Chadd Scott continues to crap on the idea. Both sides have merit, but Scott has some serious inconsistencies by putting academics first for FSU, then suggesting an SEC move. For their part, Texas officials are publicly denying any contact with FSU and Clemson.

HITTING ALZHEIMERS WHEN IT GETS OFF THE BUS. Paul Rhoads hates Alzheimers, and it's personal.


SECOND THOUGHTS? Boise State still has not withdrawn from the Mountain West, leading some to believe they're reconsidering that Big East move.

LOUISVILLE TELLS US NOTHING NEW. They've officially notified the Big East they're looking to get out.

BIG 12 DOWN? Surprisingly, there isn't a single Big 12 player on Mel Kiper's first 2013 Big Board.