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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/15/12

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STANDARD AND NEALY MAKING WAVES. The young Cyclone backfield is making some heads turn during spring practice.

KICKER HYPE! Projected savior kicker Cole Netten gets to campus soon.

YOUR DAILY FSU UPDATE. FSU's President hates on the Big 12 in a memo, while DeLoss Dodds is trying to slow the FSUToTheBig12 club's roll. Andy Staples says that if Florida State chooses to leave the ACC, the realignment dominoes will once again fall. Bill Connelly suggests 6 schools the Big 12 needs to offer.... all right now.

RELEGATION WEEK. Spencer Hall makes the case for an English Premier League relegation system in college football. I would be in favor of this, even if it meant occasional relegation for Iowa State.

DOWN GOES HYPNOTOAD! Arkansas just obliterated TCU's lead in the Fulmer Cup with their rash of recent arrests.

MIAMI THINKS WE'RE STUPID. They say they are not interested in the Big 12 due to academic reasons.

THE YESTERYEARS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. An actual letter from Bear Bryant to an incoming freshman.

OH, THIS DEBATE. Kirk Haaland looks at the 2011 Alabama D vs. Oklahoma State O.