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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/16/12


CYCLONE FEUD. There's something hilarious about this idea.

NO WAY! Paul Rhoads would like bowl eligibility to stay at 6 wins.

KO STANDING OUT. John Harbaugh has been impressed with Kelechi Osemele so far.

WE BEAT SNYDER! BHGP looks at player development, and while Iowa (no surprise) is at the top, we can look down upon Duke and K-State

DAILY FSU UPDATE. Allen Kenney says the Big 12 needs to put the full court press on Florida State, while Tuxedo Yoda talks about the academic benefits of aligning with the ACC... or lack thereof.

CONTINUING WITH RELEGATION. Here's a Q&A with Jason Kirk on how things would work out in college football relegation.

THAT'S A LOT OF PIZZA MONEY... Charlie Weis' buyout is enormous.

PLAYOFF PLANNING GOES ON. Michigan State AD Mark Hollis says no home games in a playoff, while DeLoss Dodds favors a playoff plan separate from the bowl system. I'll put my money on whatever DeLoss wants.

MORE 30 FOR 30! ESPN will produce 30 more 30 for 30s between now and 2014.

WANT NIGHTMARES? Here's Charles Barkley with a shake weight. In slow motion.