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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/17/12


BUBU GETS A SCHOLLIE. Fred Hoiberg announced that former walkon Bubu Palo will stay on scholarship this season, leaving one scholarship remaining.

MORE FEUDING. Cyclone Feud, Round Three.

DEFENSIVE LINE DEPTH. Ben Durbin is returning home to play immediately for the Cyclones, after starting for Wyoming last year.

DERRICK BROOKS IS GETTING IN ON REALIGNMENT. He tells CBS Sports' Tim Brando that the Big 12 has reached out to Florida State, which Randy Spetman denied immediately.

DELOSS' MILLIONS. How does Texas make so much money?

HOW WOULD RELEGATION WORK? Here's a nice breakdown of a tier system that would work.

A SAD SAD OBSESSION. The Big 10 seems willing to sacrifice playoffs for their precious Rose Bowl.