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WRNL PAC: It's Morning In The Big XII


Recently, WRNL has been thinking about some big issues. With all the turmoil lately in our conference, sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and reflect on what is really important in life. My friends, the Big XII is at a crossroads. Together, we can either expand and move forward with confidence into the future, or we can fall back and compete with the Big East and the MAC.

But now that the Big XII finds itself on solid footing, we need to start thinking about what's really important: Where are we going as a conference? Who will lead us? Who is going to win the Big XII in 2012?

WRNL has an answer: Your choice for 2012 Big XII champion should be the Iowa State Cyclones.

Iowa State is a humble candidate with deep ties to the Midwest. A candidate that stands for the common fan, the hard working farmer, the single mother. As a self-made program, Iowa State will be running on a mandate from the people; running a grassroots campaign. Because the Big XII has had stagnant leadership for too long. We need an outsider to come in and shake things up at the top.

And WRNL wants to support Iowa State's vision. After finding a $20 bill in a jacket at the back of the closet and scrounging up some loose change from the couch, WRNL has formed a 501(c)3 organization, more commonly known as a PAC. We're going to be using our considerable influence and funds to support a candidate we believe in.

Now we have to stress that WRNL PAC is not coordinating with Iowa State in any capacity. We just happen to be on the same side of a lot of issues. So this summer, WRNL is going to be rolling out a series of ads designed to inform Big XII fans about how good Iowa State is for the conference.

WRNL is going to be running an honest, positive campaign. A campaign of ideas. Iowa State is going to be laying out a 12-point plan on how they plan to win the Big XII, and WRNL will be here to promote that plan. Step 1) Beat Texas Tech. Step 2) Beat TCU. Step 3) Beat Kansas State... Well, you get the idea. You can read all the details on Iowa State's website.

So this year, choose Iowa State for your Big XII champions. Its change you kinda need a leap of faith to believe in.