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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/21/12


A CYCLONE FIRST. Nate McCoy is the first Cyclone golfer since the regional format was introduced in 1989 to make it to the NCAA finals.

NEW BB VISITOR. Check out some video of Flint, MI point guard Monte Morris.

BUEKER TIME! Brett Bueker, Josh Lenz, AJ Klein, Jake Knott, and James White were named as team captains for the 2012 season.

FSU IS COMING! It's inevitable they're joining the Big 12! Or maybe not. Or maybe the current Big 12 teams aren't sure they want to expand at all. Care to guess at which schools are on each side?

BIG 12 AND SEC = BFFFFFFS. The Big 12 and SEC agreed to a bowl game that sends their teams to matchup against each other outside of the 4 team playoff system.

THE GREATEST IDEA EVER. Jason Kirk goes one step further and proposes a 14 team Big 12 and SEC rivalry series. Incredible.