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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/22/12


FOOTBALL FACILITY PART DEUX. The second floor progress tour of the new facility is up.

WHAT'S IOWA STATE'S WORTH? Jason Kirk ranks all the schools in terms of realignment and Iowa State ends up at #62. I suppose this makes us "worthy" of one of the 4 (likely eventual 16 team) superconferences.

DORRIAN FINNEY-SMITH DOWN TO SEVEN. Iowa State is among the list of seven possible landing spots for the talented Virginia Tech transfer.

THEY LIKE US! THEY REALLY LIKE US! WVU fan semi-dicks Iowa State, other Mountaineers jump all over him.

PAM WARD, WE HARDLY KNEW YE. Early Big Ten football games will never be the same. Awful Announcing has Pam's greatest hits.

BIG TEN MONEY. The B1G made a 79.2 million dollar profit last year.

SEC CHANNEL? Possibly looking to outdo the Big 10 (just like on the field), the SEC is looking into starting their own cable channel.

HOW TO SAVE THE ACC/BIG EAST? Lobbying for an 8 team playoff was the answer, but it's too late now.