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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/25/12

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HAWK HATE. Big 10 Blog Off Tackle Empire asked me to write about Iowa. Truthfully, my hate for them isn't as strong as most, so I had to read Hawkeye Nation for an hour or two to muster up the hate.

CYCLONE FEUD ROUND SIX. Another good edition of the Family Feud knockoff.

-1 FULMER CUP POINT. The theft charges against Matt Thomas have been dropped.

A BAD BET. The Big East turned down a TV deal last summer, only to find its current valuation at half of that value.

WON'T YOU BE THE ACC'S FRIEND? They're looking for a partner conference for a bowl.

WHILE CLEMSON PUTS OUT THE FEELERS. The BOT changed their Facebook status to "in an open relationship" yesterday.

PLAYOFF DDAY? Well, this would mean we'll have FSU/Clemson/ND/GT/Louisville decisions by June 20th.

NAZ LONG VIDEO. Dude likes to celebrate his 3s.