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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/03/12

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CY-HAWK TROPHY CHOSEN. Everyone rejoice! It's the least shitty of the designs that won!

BOWLSBEEBE. Former Iowa and current Stanford AD Bob Bowlsby will be the new commissioner of the Big 12.

FREE PROSTATE EXAMS! This Grizzlies fan is giving them out to Marc Gasol.

TOMMY REES ARRESTED. The Notre Dame QB decided to get pushy with some police officers. This makes me a bit wistful Charlie Weis didn't bring him to hang out with Tyshawn Taylor in Lawrence.

CHIZIK STILL LOOKING LIKE A DOUCHE. Vacation time is the best time to bust out this shirt.

RIP JUNIOR SEAU. He was found dead in his house yesterday, making him the 8th member of the Chargers' 1994 Super Bowl team to die tragically young. Sad sad news.

BUCS SIGN LEGRAND. Nice gesture by Greg Schiano to symbolically sign his former player.