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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/30/12

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HOIBALLIN'. Fred Hoiberg agreed to a new 8 year deal worth 1.5 million annually. Hoiberg mentions that some NBA teams had made overtures.

6TH RANKED RECRUITING CLASS! In football! Ok, not really, it's in volleyball.

BIDDING FOR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It sounds like the new system will not rotate the championship game between the BCS bowl sites

CRAIG JAMES LOSES SENATE RACE. In miserable fashion.

BIG 12 HAS NO VISION. Says Mizzou AD Mike Alden.

WHY TEXAS DOESN'T WANT EXPANSION. Peter Bean outlines why Texas isn't interested in Big 12 expansion.

DOES LES KNOW ABOUT THIS? The LSU coach isn't buying that the Big 12 doesn't want to expand.