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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/31/12


SOMEBODY LOVES IOWA STATE AGAIN! The incredibly petty hate for Doug Gottlieb from ISU fans took an odd turn yesterday as Gottlieb proclaimed Royce as the #5 NBA draft prospect.

YEAH.... I'M NOT SURE I BUY THIS. The Big 12 proclaims they're not interested in expanding. If we take the SEC as an example, they'll do the exact opposite in the next month or so.

HERSCHEL SIMS DISMISSED? CRFF reports the running back will be dismissed after defrauding a teammate.

I THOUGHT THERE WAS A MOVIE TITLED THIS? The SEC confirms they're working on a network, codenamed "Project X".

NCAA LEGENDS. You can throw legends on different teams in NCAA 13.

THIS IS SO AGGIE. Texas A&M is suing DC United for trademark infringement.

WHAT IF THERE WAS A CFB DRAFT? San Diego State would get Matt Barkley.

TBOONED. Amazing.