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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/4/12


MORE TROUBLE BREWING? An ISU football player has been named in a felony search warrant. It seems sexual assault is the crime being investigated.

CLEYON LAING DRAFTED! By the CFL. He'll still be on the field for Iowa State this fall though.

BOB BOWLSBY OFFICIAL. He will be named Big 12 Commissioner in a press conference at 10 AM today.

HOORAY FOR RICHT! With all the transfer restrictions imposed by coaches lately, Mark Richt has a refreshing take on the issue.

OH, THIS AGAIN. Conference champions would get preference in a college football playoff. Cue the Alabama/Oklahoma State debate all over again...

END OF A RIVALRY. Because the two teams bickered over venues, the Kentucky-Indiana rivalry dating back to 1969 will be coming to an end.