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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/7/12

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JAROD UTHOFF VISITS. The Wisconsin transfer made an official visit to Iowa State over the weekend.

TRENT LOCKETT PICKS MARQUETTE. One less transfer for the Cyclones to take.

REVENUE SHARING. The revenue from the Big Four Classic will be split equally among the four schools.

KENNY PRATT EARNS HIS DEGREE. The former Cyclone star fulfilled a promise to his mother by graduating on Saturday.

SHUTDOWN FULLBACK CHECKS OUT THE POSSIBLE NEWEST BIG 12 SCHOOL! I'm not buying the Clemson/FSU Big 12 rumors just yet, but here's a nice feature on the Tigers from Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall.

I HEAR DAN BEEBE IS LOOKING FOR WORK... John Marinatto, famous for being the only commissioner worse than Beebe, is resigning as Big East Commissioner.

OHIO STATE LOSES A RECRUIT. For some of the oddest reasons.