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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/8/12


BUCS PROMOTE LJ. Johnson is now working with the rest of the team's draft picks instead of with the undrafted free agents.

PIPELINE TO BATON ROUGE. Former Iowa State player Calvin Godfrey is heading off to LSU, following in the footsteps of Justin Hamilton.

WE'RE IN THE MONEY.... The Big 12 verbally agreed to a 13 year deal worth 2.6 billion dollars with ESPN and Fox.

DO UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTS WIELD TOO MUCH POWER? Stewart Mandel argues that they do after the Big East Presidents forced John Marinatto to resign.

MORE FSU/CLEMSON. Chadd Scott discusses why FSU would never come to the Big 12, which caused this interesting response from our Longhorn friend Tuxedo Yoda.

BANNING COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Yeah, this was a serious debate.

MIKE LEACH REDDIT AMA. The Pirate coach really did one, and it's awesome. Here's an excerpt: