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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/9/12


KO SIGNS. Baltimore has inked Osemele to a 4 year deal.

LOTT IMPACT WATCH LIST. The first watch list of 2012 is out, and Jake Knott and AJ Klein both make it.

LAWSUIT SEASON. I guess the usual college football offseason wasn't quite enough, because Mike McQueary is suing Penn State, and the guy that Jordan Jefferson assaulted last year is suing him.

JUST TO SHOW SOLIDARITY... College basketball isn't going to let football take all the off the field/court glory, because the NCAA is investigating Nerlens Noel.

I SURE HOPE LES IS RIGHT. The LSU coach says that A&M and Mizzou will not enjoy their welcome to the SEC.

PIERRE AKA, BOUNTY HUNTER. Let's be honest, he'll probably redshirt and he's just having some fun.