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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/1/12


LINDY'S LOVE. AJ Klein and Jake Knott draw Lindy's honors, and the Iowa State LB corps is ranked 2nd in the nation.

ROYCE IN GREEN? SI's Sam Amick has Royce White slotted for the Celtics at #22.

HOW BIG WILL THE BIG 12 GO? Dennis Dodd talks with some Big 12 people to figure it out.

HINDSIGHT IS 20/20. Or something like that. Tomahawk Nation looks at what was said during Expansion season 2011.

HOT WIFE OR GTFO. James Franklin won't hire assistants with ugly wives.

IS FRED HOIBERG THE NEXT BIG THING? He won't be a secret much longer.

LIKE A BOSS. DeLoss Dodds is straight HATING on Texas A&M.