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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/13/12


HANGING WITH MR. BRACKINS. Craig Brackins is back in Ames and talks about his time in the NBA.

ROYCE BACK HOME? Royce does an interview with Timberwolves radio host John Focke.

CATCHING UP WITH SAGE ROSENFELS. The former Iowa State QB talks about the NFL opportunities that could have been.

AN "UNCEREMONIOUS" VISIT. Louisville Sports Live doesn't think much of Iowa State's chances to land Finney-Smith.

3-9 IN 2012? Chris Williams analyzes Beyond The Bets' lines for Iowa State's season.

DLINE BREAKDOWN. CW and Austen Arnaud look at Iowa State's defensive line in 2012.

#CLEMSONNOTTOTHEBIG12? Dabo Swinney is agitated by the Big 12 rumors and has told his recruits that they will NOT be coming to the Big 12.

AN END TO THE AUBURN MANHUNT. The alleged shooter was convinced by his mother to turn himself in.

STOOPS OWNS TEXAS. At least he thinks he does.