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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/20/12


MUST READ. Pre Snap Read goes over the 2012 ISU football team. If you have some time, I highly suggest checking it out.

ATHLON ALL BIG 12. AJ Klein and Jake Knott make first team, while Kirby Van Der Kamp makes second on Athlon's preseason teams.

EJIM'S BACK. Melvin returned from his stint overseas with the Nigerian national team.

TALKING ROYCE. CW and Tron sit down to discuss White's draft prospects.

THE PICTURE OF INEFFICIENCY. Iowa State is the 2nd least efficient BCS team at spending their recruiting money, according to Jason Kirk's report on how and why teams spend their recruiting money. Pretty interesting stuff.

DEATH OF THE BCS. At least the name, anyway. Meanwhile, here's a a groundbreaking suggestion for a new name.

BETTING ON CFB 2012. Spencer Hall's guide to betting includes Iowa State at Iowa.

RIOT BOWL TROPHY SUBMISSIONS. A reminder to send in your virtual riot bowl suggestions. Already some good entries in the bid for tens of dollars worth of gifts!