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What's Your Favorite Iowa State Highlight?

For a school that's experienced such limited athletic success, we're blessed with a disproportionate of highlights (though not all good).

When it comes down to choosing your favorite highlight, everyone has their own rationale for choosing just one. Maybe you prefer the play that seems to defy space and time like Seneca Wallace running 135 yards to score a 12 yard TD against Texas Tech (rocking one of our 129051832 uniforms in 5 years). Maybe you're a fan of something very recent, like Royce White clowning future #1 overall pick Anthony Davis all the way down the floor. Or you can back up all of four months and go with this compilation of the biggest upset in college football in 2011.

Myself, I'll just go with this Benny Hill version of Iowa State - Nebraska 2009.

It's just so damn hilarious.

So... what's your favorite Cyclone highlight?