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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/22/12


ROYCE IN GREEN? Chad Ford reports that the Celtics have made a promise to take Royce White at #21, though Sam Amick disagrees. Meanwhile, Jon Rothstein reports Royce is working out for the Mavericks on Monday.

WHITEHEAD DRAWING KENTUCKY INTEREST. Iowa State offer Isiah Whitehead is now getting looks from Kentucky.

BLAME TEXAS. Texas State may choose to air their game against Texas Tech on the LHN, and the Red Raiders are thinking about playing 11 games rather than partaking. Of course, this means people are jumping all over the Longhorns, who have no part in the decision.

PLAYOFF PROBLEMS? With a 4 team playoff all but finalized, Bill Connelly says we'll still have plenty to bitch about.

LEBRON! The Miami Heat won NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE... wait, it is just their first... NBA Championship yesterday, which means Skip Bayless and Dan Gilbert better hope that suicide pact they made isn't binding. Here's Nike's new commercial titled "The Ring Maker."

CRISTIANO RONALDO IS ANGRY. This will be a good GIF to use for missed FGs.

BIG 12 APR DOING WELL. Everyone's safe!