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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/25/12


ANOTHER COMMITMENT! This time it's Jacob Homa, an offensive lineman from Wisconsin.

LISA KOHL-UHL IS GOING TO LONDON. The former Cyclone great is heading to the Olympics, finishing 4th in the 10,000.

THE GOOD OL' DAYS. This week provides a look at Iowa State football in the 1900s, which is apparently when we started using the forward pass.

TIME WARNER IS WEIRD. Not even close to agreeing with ESPN to carry the LHN, but they're interested in buying it.

PLUS ONE? Interesting article by Jason Kirk on how college football would have looked if we were using a plus one system.

CHAMPIONS BOWL = COTTON BOWL? The Big 12-SEC partnership bowl might end up just being the Cotton Bowl after all.

GET YOUR SEC SHIRTS HERE! On the Big 12 website...

MARK CUBAN IS COOL. Cuban verbally assaults Skip Bayless for about 6 minutes.