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Cap City League Recap


It was another banner week in the Capital City League. From the Royce White-Craig Brackins showdown that was the most amazing thing to ever happen in the greater Des Moines area, to Will Clyburn's 63 points, there was a lot to take away from the action on the court.

That. Was. Awesome.

  • Sunday night featured a head-to-head match up between senior point guard Korie Lucious and incoming freshman Naz Long. For most of the game, Long was able to hang and even hold his own, but there was no doubt about who got the better of this match up. Let's just say Long got an education. Toward the end of the game, it became a 1-on-1 affair, highlighted by Lucious draining a three in Long's grill and then taking a bow. That's right, the CCL went Rucker Park for a moment and Lucious' gesture about caused a court rushing scene. Long has game and physically, he appears to be ready to compete, but he's going to be an understudy this upcoming season.

  • The fanboy in me thinks it's pretty cool to see former Cyclones like White, Brackins and Diante Garrett on the floor, and while he doesn't play, Dedric Willoughby will make an appearance every now and then as well. This is decidedly better than seeing other former Cyclones like Clint Varley, Chris Caesar (and his world class jump stop), and Jeff Bergstrom.
  • Will Clyburn dropped 63 points on Sunday night, which is apparently a record or something according to this site. His team lost, but you know who else scored 63 points in a loss?
  • Melvin Ejim didn't play on Sunday, but he still brought his A-game. On more than a few occasions, Ejim could be heard yelling catch phrases from popular 90s video games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. On one blocked shot, Ejim yelled, "Get over here", which of course is what Scorpion said after he did his special move. Keep up the good work Melvin. I see your time with the Nigerian national team is already paying off.
  • Bitches, Gripes, Complaints

    • To the Drake fans that were sitting behind me, perhaps basketball isn't your thing. Yes, I know Drake beat ISU last year, but let's not get carried away. The reason that more Bulldogs weren't lighting up the scoreboard on Sunday didn't have anything to do with them getting "freezed out" by the ISU guys, nor did it have anything to do with how Mark Phelps instructs his players to play in CCL games. No, in fact the reason that the Drake guys weren't the highlight of the night is because your team is not going to be very good next year. Better start coming to terms with that now.
    • And while we're mentioning Drake, I'd just like to point out that Dolph Pulliam annoys the hell out of me. If you don't know who Dolph Pulliam is, it's okay. That just means that you're not one of the 13 people who regularly tune in to listen to Drake basketball on the radio.

    Oh No He Didn't

    • Look, after one minute of play in the CCL, it was decided that Georges Niang is going to have a freshman season like Michael Beasley had at Kansas State and Kevin Durant had at Texas. To question that is akin to questioning gravity, the Pythagorean theorem and existence of C.H.U.D. - scientific facts that cannot be refuted. So I'm probably not going to make any friends with my next sentence. Niang needs to spend a lot of time in the weight room and working on his conditioning. I know it's June and Niang is just a freshman, but his body and endurance are nowhere near the level they'll need to be come November. I expect Niang to play big minutes in our post rotation this season, but he's got some work to do over the next few months (this is where some dipshit on Cyclone Fanatic starts a thread with the title, "WRNL Is Hatin' on Niang").

    Look At the Funbags On That Hose Hound

    • I give a solid B effort to the ladies in the building this past week, but it's time to step your game up. Put your slut magic to use and get some distractions going already.