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I'll Have A Draft Please


Conventional mock drafts are boring. This is not a conventional mock draft. I don't pretend to know who Sacramento is going to take with their fifth overall pick, but let's be honest here, do you really care? I didn't think so.

Let's take a look instead and what these prospects share in common and group them into categories and use unfair generalizations and Jay Bilas buzz words like length and wingspan to assess their NBA potential.

Thanks For Drafting Me, But I'll be Signing A Max Deal With Somebody Else As Soon As I'm Eligible

F/C Anthony Davis, Kentucky - The 'Brow is a lock for the number one overall pick and has the game to be a future star, but if you think Davis is long for New Orleans, you're a fool. In the next four or five years, Davis will either bolt via free agency or be traded to a contender.

F Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky - I'm higher on MKG than most because I think he's only begun to scratch the surface of his talent. He's a project offensively, but is an exceptional defender and brings a lot to the table with his athleticism and length (Bilas Buzz Word Count: 1). O/U on number of years with the Wizards if they pick him: 3.5.

SG Bradley Beal, Florida - Beal's stock has skyrocketed over the last few weeks and with good reason. He's the best guard in this draft and has the scoring gene. He's not a great shooter yet as he only shot 34% from outside in his one year at Florida, but the off-guard talent pool in the NBA is pretty thin and that is part of the reason why Beal is so appealing.

Kate Upton Level Busts

C Andre Drummond, Connecticut - Is this really a shocker? His box score against Iowa State in the first round of the NCAA tournament:

26 Minutes
2 points on 1-4 shooting
3 rebounds
5 fouls

This guy is a top five pick?

C Meyers Leonard, Illinois - There's like a law or rule somewhere that says you can't be a successful athlete if your name is "Meyers Leonard". If you're going to draft a 7-foot white center, Tyler Zeller is the safer pick.

He's Nice I Guess

F Thomas Robinson, Kansas - Robinson has a high motor (Bilas Buzz Word Count:2) and was one of the more productive players in the country while at Kansas. He led a good Jayhawks team on an overachieving run to the national title game, but what are you really getting here? Robinson will more than likely have a long pro career, but he'll never make an All-star team and he's never going to be more than a rotational guy.

SF Harrison Barnes, North Carolina - While I will admit that it wouldn't surprise me to see Barnes in an All-star game down the road as I think he has a little Paul Pierce in him, I think his ceiling is probably a complimentary scorer on a contender.

In Hindsight, We Might Have Fucked Up Not Drafting Him

F Royce White, Iowa State - What did you expect from an Iowa State blog? Seriously though, NBA guys like to talk about "elite skills" when it comes to assessing draft prospects. Most guys are lucky to have one elite skill. White has two, as he's an exceptional passer and rebounder. Draymond Green from Michigan State is another guy that fits this description.

G/F Terrence Ross , Washington - I love Ross' game and he could end up being the best wing from this draft. He's got a good stroke from outside and at 6'6" has the length (Bilas Buzz Word Count:3) and athleticism to post up smaller defenders.

Bonus Pick: G Doron Lamb, Kentucky - Lamb is the best pure shooter in this draft and while he'll probably be a second round pick, I think Lamb has a chance to be a quality 6th man for years to come.