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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/27/12


YOU'RE WELCOME, COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Thanks completely and solely to Iowa State's win over Oklahoma State, we now have a college football playoff system. Dennis Dodd says it's a good solution... for now. Not everyone is happy, however. Dan Wolken says it's the same old BS in a new form, while Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman (shocker) still wants a plus one.

LOTS O' ROYCE. Grantland writes an excellent article on "The Music in Royce White's Head", SI does a full magazine spread on Royce's potential, while WFAA-TV goes on about why you should root for him.

HOIBERG'S CONTRACT REVEALED. Travis Hines was able to get his hands on Fred's new contract. Meanwhile, he was awarded the highest honor by the Jaycees.

DIRECTOR'S CUP STANDINGS RELEASED. Iowa State finished 46th, good for 6th in the Big 12.

NEW BASKETBALL OFFERS. The Cyclones have made an offer to 2014 PG Clayton Custer, as well as 2013 F Jeremy Morgan.

TEBOW MAGIC. Tebow trash talks Brady Quinn, then all evidence is wiped from the internet.

COLORADO SPRINGS IS ON FIRE. The wildfires have spread, and Air Force Academy's stadium is in danger.