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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/28/12


VOTE! Iowa State is nominated for an ESPY, so go ahead and stuff those ballot boxes.. as if Cyclone fans need any extra motivation to vote...

ANOTHER ROYCE COLUMN. Brent Blum offers his take on the next chapter for Royce White.

COME TO IOWA STATE! Rivals did a survey of players and what mattered to them, and "winning tradition" was the most overrated. So come to Iowa State, all you 5 star recruits!.

SELECTION COMMITTEE 2007-2011. What would the new 4 team playoff have looked like in the last 5 years?

LUCK OF THE IRISH. Notre Dame is deciding whether to renew their TV contract now, or risk waiting down the line for more or less cash.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF. If you missed all the junk about this development, Jason Kirk can sum up what it all means... in 4 minutes!

BERMAN IS THE WORST. Chris Berman will be doing some commentary for ESPN games this fall and it's a terrible, terrible idea

CLYDE DREXLER HATES MAGIC. Or maybe not. It's probably all a ruse for us to buy the Dream Team book.

BOOBS! Or perhaps I mean moobs. Either way, EDSBS drafted up some polo(?) puppies.