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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/29/12


ROYCE DAY! Royce White was selected by the Houston Rockets with the 16th pick overall. Here is Royce's reaction to the news, and here's Fred Hoiberg calling the Rockets a "perfect fit".

CLOSER TO HOME! Justin Hamilton somehow got picked in the 2nd round of the draft by the Miami Heat. I can't wait til he Dexter Pittmans his way to an NBA ring.

DRAFT HIGHLIGHT. With all due respect to Royce getting picked (which was expected), this Nets fan reacting to the "who the hell is that" pick of Ilkan Karaman was the best moment of the draft.

NBA DRAFT PRODUCTION. Mike Rutherford runs the numbers and Duke is #1 in NBA player production. Iowa State finishes tied for 38 with 10 picks in the last 25 years.

CLEAR YOUR NEW YEAR'S DAY 2014 PLANS NOW. Here's the lowdown on how college football playoffs will effect your TV watching.

PEOPLE ON INTERNET ARE STILL STUPID. Broadcaster Gerry Sandusky continues to get hate tweets from people who think that he's Jerry Sandusky... because tweeting from prison is totally allowed.

AGRBHG? Georgia RB Isaiah Crowell was arrested for felony weapons charges.