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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/4/12

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MCCOY FINISHES 29TH. Nate McCoy finished his Iowa State career by finishing 29th at the NCAA championships over the weekend.

HOOPS IN KC. The Big 12 Basketball Tournament in Kansas City has been extended to 2016.

BOWLSBY ON PLAYOFFS, PAYING ATHLETES. Pretty clear no on the topic of bigger stipends.

BEAST MODE. Justin Blackmon went beast mode with the DUI over the weekend, blowing a .24 BAC. This caused Barking Carnival to highlight the sad state of pro athlete posses. This is Blackmon's 2nd DUI, which begs the question again of why multimillionaire dollar athletes don't immediately get drivers.

HOW TO GANK SCHOOLS. A guide to how to steal other conferences' schools without getting sued.

REALLY HUGGABLE FANS! UConn is selling this shirt that makes their fans more loveable.

MORE TROUBLE AT OHIO STATE. Two players were arrested after urinating on buildings and then evading police. The solution is obviously more public restrooms in Columbus.