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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/6/12

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WANT TO BE IN THE ISUFB COMMERCIAL? Well, they're asking for 8-10 fans to be in it.

ANDREW LONG PLEADS GUILTY. The former ISU wrestler pleaded down from attempted rape to assault.

NCAA 13 TEAM RATINGS OUT. I won't discuss Iowa State due to obvious bias, but WVU really gets the shaft here. Don't forget the demo is also out today.

BLACKMON REMORSE? John Hoover talks about Justin Blackmon's shattered image after his second DUI arrest. Some startling numbers about drunk driving within.

BETTER LUCKY THAN GOOD. Spencer Hall discusses the key to success in college football.

BRUTALLY HONEST. Former NFL player Wade Davis discusses being gay in the NFL. Really good story.

GOOD JOB, GOOD EFFORT. This kid at the Heat-Celtics game definitely earned plenty of participation medals in his day.

THIS... IS DEPRESSING. Bobby Big Wheel highlights why we'll probably never be rid of Craig James.

JUST BECAUSE. Who doesn't enjoy some Miami Dolphins cheerleaders? The chick at 1:20 had to have been a stripper, right?