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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/7/12


DFS DAY! Virginia Tech transfer Dorrian Finney Smith is making an official visit to Iowa State today.

BASKETBALL YOGA. Maybe while Finney-Smith is here, he can join the rest of the basketball team in some yoga.

FRED'S THE MAN. Fred Hoiberg is mentioned as one of the best coaches that could also play. His coaching skill is highlighted by the his post timeout points per possession.

ROYCE WHITE UPDATE. If you're interested in stories about Royce's progress through the draft process, Travis Hines did all the Google work so we don't have to.

JARROD UTHOFF GOES TO IOWA. He's paying his own way to make the whitest team in college basketball even whiter. Good for him for getting away from Bo Ryan. Of course, this caused Hawk fans to go completely idiotic over the reversal of transfer fortunes.

ODDS FOR EVERY SINGLE CFB GAME THIS SEASON. Yeah, somebody already did it.

TEXAS RECRUITING PROCESS. CuppyCup diagrams how Texas recruits get their Rivals Rankings.

HATING AT ESS EEE SEE SPEED. Spencer Hall waxes on about how much he dislikes the Big Ten.

NEVER CHANGE, DARREN ROVELL. The tooliest reporter this side of Marty Tirrell gets owned by a teenager.