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The Mid-Morning Dump - 6/8/12


IOWA-IOWA STATE, 2:30 PM, BTN. So yeah. better make sure you have the Rotel network by then.

ROYCE MAKING MOVES. He's making moves up the boards with his impressive interviews

ROYCE DOESN'T HATE FLYING. He just hates prepping to fly. That and more here..

I MAY BE BIASED.. But ISU is just a bit low on the list of Big 12 basketball coaching jobs.

JAZZ HANDS! Oklahoma pulled scholarships from 3 players yesterday, including talented receiver Jaz Reynolds.

SKIP BAYLESS TWEETS IN MADDEN. Yeah, this is a real thing, so expect tweets like, "Peyton Manning just threw for 500 yards, but he'll never look as good as Elway in orange."

SELECTING A SELECTION COMMITTEE. Jason Kirk explores how to select a committee which in turn selects teams for playoff. Maybe.

AIRBHG STRIKES AGAIN. Incoming Iowa RB Greg Garmon was charged with marijuana possession.