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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/10/12


BEDNARIK WATCH LIST RELEASED. And to no one's surprise, AJ Klein and Jake Knott are on it.

I HOPE THIS IS BETTER THAN WESLEY JOHNSON'S REHAB PROGRAM... This week's "Inside MBB" focuses on training and rehab.

SYRIE ON IOWA STATE. Kamari Syrie is a fan of the progress Iowa State football is making.

RE-RANKING NCAA 13. Jason Kirk went ahead and made more accurate rankings on NCAA 13. Iowa and Iowa State both get hammered.

IS THE BIG 12 REALLY A PASSING LEAGUE? BBarking Carnival investigates.

UNABRIDGED AIR RAID. Everything you ever needed to know about the Air Raid. Fascinating read.

SBNATION HALL OF FAME. Some early inductees are announced, and we'll be picketing for Seneca until we die (but probably not).

BOO CANO. The Yankees star and AL captain was booed heartily, then put up zero home runs with his dad pitching to him.