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ATTENTION RECRUITS: Iowa State Will Send You to the NBA


No hyperbole, every of these incoming freshmen will be in the NBA one day.

Pssst! Hey kid! Yeah, you! Over here, slick!

Pretty impressive stuff on the court over there. I've seen some good players in my time, but you're the real deal. No, I mean it! Bet you have all kinds of elite college programs after you. Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas... all the big names. I get it. A special player like you is getting all kinds of attention.

But let me tell you about a school you might not have considered.

Iowa. State.

That's right, kid! You could be playing for THE Iowa State Cyclones. They've put eight players in the NBA since the Big XII formed. Eight players! That's the third-most of any team in the Big XII! An average of one draft pick every two years.

Now I know what you're thinking: Third-most? I'm not settling for bronze, I want the gold. I get that! Always wanting to be the best, that's the competitive spirit we like at Iowa State. But think about this: Kansas and Texas are the only teams in the Big XII above Iowa State.

Kansas, that just makes sense. As much as it pains me to admit it, they're one of the best basketball programs of all time. Their history gives them access to the best players, who in turn go on to play in the NBA. They're basically an NBA factory.

Then there's Texas. And if we're being completely honest, they could buy and sell Iowa State several times over. No, not the university. The state. They have some serious cash flow is what I'm saying; and with that cash comes the best facilities money can buy. True, most of those facilities are dedicated to football, but the athletic department throws the basketball program a bone now and then. The best players want to play in the best facilities. Texas makes sense at number two.

So you have to expect those programs are at the top of the heap. But who's next? What powerhouse program could possibly come after Kansas and Texas? That's right kid! IOWA-FUCKING-STATE! (Pardon my French)

So you see what this means? Iowa State is sending players to the NBA, even without the resources of a Kansas or a Texas. And those draft picks don't even include players like Wesley Johnson or Justin Hamilton who started their careers at ISU and ended them elsewhere. All these coaches telling you that you need to go to a big name program to get noticed? That's bullshit (pardon my French, again). You come to Iowa State and Fred Hoiberg will make SURE you get noticed.

Here, just take a look at this list that I always keep on my person for just such an occasion. This is every Iowa State player drafted over the last 16 years.

Notice anything? Other than Marcus Fizer, Craig Brackins and Royce White, there's not really a can't-miss recruit on this list. It's not like Iowa State is pulling in McDonald's All-Americans year after year. Cato was a transfer from South Alabama. I know! I didn't know South Alabama existed either! Hell, Iowa State was Jackson Vroman's only offer. So Iowa State is developing the talent they DO get, and getting those players to the NBA. Impressive, right?

And that's another thing... With Fred Hoiberg's NBA connections, Iowa State's draft numbers are only going to improve over the next few years. Kevin McHale basically credited Hoiberg for the Houston Rocket's selection of Royce White this year. Now wouldn't you like to play for a coach that has that kind of pull in the NBA? Rhetorical question, of course you would!

So tell me kid, what other schools have been contacting you? Michigan State? Makes sense, Izzo's a hell of a coach, and they provide a fine farm program for Iowa State transfers. Marquette? Damn, Buzz has snatching up all kinds of players lately. Just how many scholarships does he have available up there in Wisconsin?

Wait... Iowa? As in the Iowa Hawkeyes of Mad Fran McCaffery? The Nanny himself? Look, no offense kid, but one of these things is not like the other. Iowa hasn't had a first-round pick since Ricky Davis brought his special brand of douchebaggery to the NBA 14 years ago. They've only had two second-round picks since then. Hell, Texas Tech has had more players drafted in that time span. Think about that for a second.

And just look at their current roster. Do you see anyone on that melanin-starved, talent-deprived squad that's likely to break that streak anytime soon? Didn't think so.

So let me give you my card. I think you have a future playing professionally. That's your dream, right? If you want to go to a school that can make that dream a reality, consider Iowa State. I'll be in touch.