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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/13/12


MORE CYCLONES! Iowa State is expected to have a higher enrollment than Iowa for the first time in... a long time.

#LB_TWENTY47. Iowa State gets into the hashtagging game as Jake Knott and AJ Klein were named to the Nagurski award watch list.

"THE KICKING FOOL" Ah, nicknames these days just aren't as cool as ones in the 1930s.

FREEH REPORT FALLOUT. After the extremely damning report was released, Jason Kirk has 6 takeaways, Graham Watson says the Department of Education could be destroying PSU soon, while Lisa Olson and Matt Hinton hammer away at Joe Paterno. Bobby Big Wheel says Penn State better prepare the checkbook.

BUT THAT'S NOTHING COMPARED TO RODDY WHITE. The Falcons receiver goes full idiot on spelling, grammar, and delusion.

REUBEN FOSTER FLIPS. The #1 LB prospect flipped from Alabama to Auburn using the exact same line. Hey, maybe Nick Saban will send his daughter to beat him up now.

A LITTLE LATE, BUT PRETTY COOL. Jared Barnett's father likes Eric LeGrand as much as the rest of us.