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What if Barry Sanders was a Cyclone?

CanAzn mentioned to me that SBN was requesting their member blogs to theorize what it would have been like to have a previous Heisman Trophy winner on their team and the first thought in my head was Barry Sanders.

For those of you who aren't aware, Iowa State was one of three schools to offer a scholarship to Sanders with the other two being Tulsa and the eventual team to land him, Oklahoma State.

Here are Sanders' stats from his three years at Oklahoma State with bowl game stats included:

Season Rush Attempts Yards Avg TD Rec Rec Yds TD
1986 74 325 4.4 2 0 0 0
1987 111 622 5.6 8 4 59 1
1988 373 2,850 7.6 42 19 106 2
Total 558 3,797 5.9 52 23 165 3

Oklahoma State's record during those years? A combined 26-9 with 10-2 seasons and bowl victories in 1987 and 1988. Iowa State's record during that same time period: 14-19. Needless to say Jim Criner and Jim Walden may have had a bit more success with Mr. Sanders in their back field and Iowa State may have a Heisman and the Troy Davis controversy may have never happened.

Follow the jump to see a few videos from YouTube user blinkFRO and his Heisman Challenge in NCAA Football 13 with Barry Sanders on this year's Iowa State team. After watching the videos tell us which previous Heisman winner YOU would love to have seen in a Cyclone uniform.

NCAA Football 13 - Barry Sanders | Week 1 vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane (via blinkFRO)

NCAA Football 13 - Barry Sanders | Week 2 at Iowa Hawkeyes (via blinkFRO)

NCAA Football 13 - Barry Sanders | Week 3 vs. FCS Midwest (via blinkFRO)

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)