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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/19/12


SHONTRELLE JOHNSON CLEARED. The most explosive running back in the Cyclones' stable is cleared to play.

ANOTHER COMMIT. JD Waggoner becomes the Cyclones fourth Texan in the 2013 class.

+1 FOR GOLDEN SHOWER REFERENCE. Allen Kenney checks out this year's 4 Big 12 "Danger Games", and Iowa State is featured in 2 of them.

COYER ON MCCARNEY.'s second part of the Larry Coyer interview talks a lot about Dan McCarney.

CHIP KELLY IS BALLIN' He's getting a private hot tub in his video center to go over porn game film.

ESPN GETTING PLAYOFFS? 600 Million for the entire playoffs is the rumor right now.

GENE CHIZIK, STILL BORING. Chizik oddly defended Texas A&M and Missouri's chances in the SEC (He was 0-3 against them while at ISU) and blathered on for a while about nothing, which inspired more Spencer Hall doodles.