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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/2/12


A EARLY CANADA DAY GIFT. Iowa State sprinter Ian Warner made the Canadian Olympic team on Friday.

ISUFB, 1910s. This week's timeline includes the "Spanish Flu" and the building of State Gym.

AN EVEN BETTER BIG 12. After being ranked the best conference in the country last year, the Big 12 will only get tougher with our new additions.

REACTION CITY! Check out all the realignment celebrating that went on Saturday night across the SBN college blogs.

BOISE STATE DECIDES. In 2012, they'll be getting the BCS shaft while playing in the Big East instead of the Mountain West.

THE BEST AND WORST WORST OF THE BCS. David Ubben focuses on how bad Kansas State has been screwed over the BCS years.

FREEH REPORT. This report somehow makes Penn State look worse. as if that were possible.