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The Mid-Morning Dump - 7/20/12


ROYCE WHITE THINKS HE CAN DO IT ALL. And he may just be right.

JAMES WHITE NAMED TO DOAK WALKER WATCH LIST. Great recognition for White, though this watchlist features 52 names... so like.. half of the FBS.

TCU Q&A. We answer some questions for TCU blog Frogs O' War.

KEVIN JACKSON TALKS OLYMPICS. John Walters visits with Kevin Jackson on his experiences at the Olympics.

THE RETURN OF A BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME? The Champions Bowl may require a conference championship game, which means more realignment rumors! (and possible lawsuits)

JIM DELANY IS A CRAZY ASSHOLE. He is still pondering kicking Penn State out of the Big Ten, and he wants the authority to fire coaches. It may sound like a joke, but he's not kidding.

NICK SABAN HATES THE BIG TEN. Saban claims anybody who votes for a conference champion requirement to be selected for a playoff is hating on the SEC.

UNC! A very Pete Carroll-y situation.